SERVICES | Core practices

Dispute resolution

We have wide and in-depth experience of advising clients involved in disputes and have represented clients in numerous court cases. We always strive to find the most reasonable solution in a given situation, advising on the most appropriate tactics to obtain the optimal result (which could also include an out-of court settlement). Our experience includes:

  • drafting legal opinions regarding civil, commercial and labour matters,
  • appearing before state courts (district, regional, appellate),
  • appearing before arbitration courts (institutional e.g. at the National Chamber of Commerce, International Chamber of Commerce or ad hoc e.g. on the basis of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules),
  • conducting negotiations and mediation
  • acting as a mediator
  • advising clients in matters regarding:
    1. unfair competition,
    2. international arbitration and ADR,
    3. construction law,
    4. insolvency proceedings,
    5. enforcement of foreign court judg
    6. ements and foreign arbitration awards in Poland,
    7. injunction and enforcement proceedings,
    8. bills of exchange,
    9. international trade,
    10. questioning of shareholders' resolutions,
    11. liability of management board members in respect of company creditors,
    12. disputes between shareholders,
    13. other types of disputes connected with the activities of commercial companies,
    14. preliminary agreements to acquire real estate

    Employment law

    The scope of our activity also includes employment law. We draft employment agreements, competition agreements, employment by-laws, payment by-laws, social fund by-laws, codes of business conduct and collective agreements. We advise on the employment of foreigners in Poland. Our activity also covers the resolution of collective disputes and mediation and negotiations with labour unions. We provide legal assistance with regard to the individual and collective dismissal of employees. We have substantial experience in representing our clients in labour courts.

    Legal assistance in investment process

    Our experience also includes the representation of clients in construction disputes. We draft and negotiate design and construction contracts. We advise on how to ensure full and proper contract compliance and financial settlements on construction sites.

    The Law Office provides clients with the following services:
  • legal assistance in preparation of investments - drafting, negotiating and advising on agreements regarding acquisition of plots, agreements to be used in the process of realization of the investment - with architects, coordinators, economists, sponsoring agreements, advertising agreements, drafting agreements with general contractors and suppliers, assistance in negotiations with local authorities regarding agreements on road and technical infrastructure around the investment, assisting in the process of obtaining administrative decisions necessary to complete the investment;
  • legal assistance in construction process - comprehensive assistance in organizing of the building process, drafting agreements between investors and general contractors, suppliers, security and management firms securing the construction site, drafting and negotiating agreements with construction managers, architects, financial advisors, correspondence and advising in contentious matters regarding proper performance and settlement of various agreements, advising in insolvency and enforcement matters, advising on insurance issues;
  • legal assistance in commercial lease in commercial centres including drafting lease agreements for commercial space and negating/renegotiating them, including proper securities for the lessor's rights;
  • legal assistance in management of the commercial centers including advising on current problems in managing commercial centers, drafting necessary documentation, vindication of claims, securing accomplishment of the agreements, resolving agreements, assistance in disputes, drafting report and legal opinions regarding status and securities for the agreements entered into by the commercial centers, conducting legal audits."

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